API Access

You can learn about and gain access to Copymatic's API here: Copymatic API Access

Please be sure to read through our APIs rules before requesting access:

API Rules

  • Our API cannot be used in any of the following cases: bots, bulk content generation, reselling, platforms that are likely to scale, or platforms built solely with our API...
  • Our API is limited to 20 requests per minute, and should not be flooded at all times. Please use it reasonably, if you think that your volume of requests is high, please contact us before using the API through the chat or info@copymatic.ai.
  • The generated content cannot be published anywhere before being moderated by a human Example: Generate a blog title and publish the article automatically. A human has to proofread and validate the generated content at all times.
  • Failure to comply with these rules, our team reserves the right to revoke your access to the API (and to our services) at any time without any warning.